Neighborhood Watch Program

Our nation is built on the strength of our citizens. Every day, we encounter situations calling upon us to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Not only does neighborhood watch allow citizens to help in the fight against crime, it is also an opportunity for communities to bond through service. The Neighborhood Watch Program draws upon the compassion of average citizens, asking them to lend their neighbors a hand.

Why have neighborhoods watch

Are you tired of the drug dealers in your neighborhood and all the traffic that the drug house brings to your streets? Can you go outside and feel safe in your own front yard? Can your children play outside? Has there been break-ins down the street? Is their graffiti on your neighbors’ fence? Is there gang members living two houses down from you? Are there abandoned cars down the street? Is the grass in the summer blocking your view? Rats in your garbage because of that abandoned house at the end of the block? The list can go on and on. If you have just one of these problems or several of them you may want to join or start a neighborhood watch. Neighbors that band together with the local law enforcement can get rid of all of these problems. Will you be the first to take the first step?

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